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Hello, my name is George Rowland. I'm a 17 year old, from the United Kingdom. Over the last 4 years I have worked with a variety of 
companies ranging in sizes. I aim to link people throughout the Minecraft community, and provide an affordable development service while working closely alongside communities and clients.

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Mobirise Website Builder

Plugin Developer & Configurator

Our Pricing

Small & Simple Plugin


Small Plugin


Medium Plugin


Large Plugin

£50+ (Varies)


£12 / Hour

I will give you a quotation based on how many ours of work I believe this will take. If the project takes shorter / longer the price will remain static as this is agreed beforehand.

Receiving A Project / Configuration

Below is the basic process to receiving a custom project / configuration from myself.


Contact me

The first step to receive a custom project / configuration from myself is to reach out. You can contact me either through email or discord where we will discuss your project in full details. I will then asses the project before deciding whether to take it on or not. If I am unable to take on a project I will ALWAYS refer you to someone who will do so.

Receive pricing

After fully assessing and taking on your project I will then get back to you with what I believe to be a fair price for the project at hand. This is where we can negotiate the pricing and determine whether payment is to be made in full before development begins, or in instalments throughout the project.

Development & receiving a "beta" version of the plugin

After pricing has been agreed, development will then continue. After I have a "beta" version of your plugin you will then have one week to test the plugin on a test server. During this week period you will be able to suggest changes and bug fixes.

Receive the final plugin

After changes and bug fixes have been made you will receive the final plugin after payment is completed which you may in according to the Terms & Conditions. 


The plugin is very well made, easy to use, and is even better than I expected it to turn out when pitching the project to yourself. It's clear you've worked very hard on the project.

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Client - SpigotMC

The plugin is very simple to use with a well structured config permitting for lots of customisation. It is everything I ask for and currently in action on my network!

Mobirise Website Builder


Client - SpigotMC


If you would like to get in touch about an upcoming project feel free to contact me for details about receiving an affordable quote.




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